Hi, I am Janice; welcome to my small piece of real estate on the web! I have been in business since 2008 I was formerly The Primitive Outhouse I just recently changed my name to Creating Through Chaos. I am the Mom of 3 boys ages 20, 16 and 8, they keep me quite busy! My life is always full of chaos and I am always creating in the midst of all of it. Whether it be making a craft project, redoing a piece of furniture, cooking or making a budget, I am surrounded by all the chaos that I call my life!

I have an Associate’s Degree in Business Management, and I started My Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with a minor in Social Media. I took some time off from school to take care of my family and work, I clean houses mostly post construction part time. Someday I hope to go back and actually get my Bachelor’s Degree, I have a long list of some days ha-ha!

When I am not working or taking care of my family, I will share with you things that I enjoy;  crafts, up-cycle projects, cooking, cleaning…whatever I can get myself into! Hope you stick around a while and like what you find!