Can we just do away with Daylight Saving Time already??

Can we just do away with Daylight Saving Time Already!?

Monday Daylight Saving

Ready or not we are springing ahead Sunday, March 12, 2017, at 2 am!

Which is great news!

Fortunately, this is the good half of this whole DST thing. We are springing ahead which is where we should just leave the clocks,  For. Like. Ever! I dread November coming and having to change the clocks back….I just love having it dark at 4:00 in the afternoon……..said no one ever.

My sleep schedule goes all whacky and my kids’ sleep schedule also goes all crazy. It is light early in the morning and dark earlier in the evening, or it is dark out early in the morning and light out later in the evening. It is so confusing that people don’t even say it correctly, they call it “Daylight Savings” when it is actually “Daylight Saving” no “s” on the end.

I say who cares! I don’t know why we can’t just let our sun and moon decide this on its own, ya know like it has been for billions of years!?

I have tried REALLY hard to do some research that would help me understand why we are putting ourselves through this twice a year…AND I have come up with nothing! We do this for nothing!

We do this for nothing!

I have yet to find some useful purpose for this clock changing business; it hasn’t served a purpose for decades. There is a host of information on why we do it and the history of DST, which all pertains to things that mattered decades ago. There is equally as many articles and research on the fact that it just doesn’t matter anymore. We can change the clocks tomorrow and just leave them, and nothing would change or be lost due to not changing. We probably wouldn’t even notice a difference until November when it didn’t get dark at 4 pm, I mean that would be horrible wouldn’t it….

HAHA NO, it would be awesome!

No matter what end of this clock changing business we are on it stinks!

Can we just stop messing with the clocks already??

How do you feel about Daylight Saving Time?

 Do you think it is useful?

Does it affect your sleep or your kids’ sleep?

How does it affect you?

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