Carol,Holli,Karen Heres To You!

These Ladies Are So Sweet and So Kind and Talented,
I just had to show you all!
Carol~ Made this FANTASTIC cover for my rolling pin!
I had asked her to make me one and told her to surprise me!
Well, she did and I was Super Surprised!!
Thank You Carol!
Your Talent Is Amazing!

You Must Visit Carol Today!
P.S.- She is also having a giveaway!!
Here is to Holli,
Without whom I would have cold feet tonight!
Holli sent me the most amazing socks my feet have ever seen!
Holli also sent me this VERY cute Santa!
(This package was sent a while ago, I am just a lazy blogger lol Sorry Holli)
You Should Visit Holli Today Too!
Last but not least~
Karen here is to you for the most wonderful ornament
she sent me! I just love it!
Thank You Thank You!
Oh and You Should Visit Karen Too!
Karen is Working On A Selling Blog
Sign Up While Your There To Be The First To Know When It Opens!
I have met the nicest people on the Internet
no we may have all never met face to face,
but I consider all of you my friends!
Thank You All For Being So Great!
~ Jan

8 thoughts on “Carol,Holli,Karen Heres To You!

  1. Aha! That sleeve does look good on that rolling pin:) Bravo!
    Oooh, hot pink to keep your feet warm. Excellent!
    Aww, what a cute lil grungy ornie:) Precious!
    I'll give these gals a visit.
    Thanks Jan!

  2. I love the cover on your rolling pin! Carol did a great job with it. I need to start looking for some rolling pins here. I have a perfect crock to keep them in.

    Love the slippers…. aren't they warm. Holli sent me a pair that keep my toes nice and toasty too!

    We have met a lot of great gals, haven't we? I love all my prim sisters!

    Debbie K

  3. Deb, They are all so amazing!! I appreciate all of you so much!!

    Holli, You are not kidding woke up today -27 OMG!! I don't know if I can take much more of this WINTER thing!!

    Karen, I didn't give your selling blog link, as I wasn't sure you were ready to hand it out yet =)

    Carol, The sleeve is perfect!! I love it!! =)

  4. I recently ordered a rolling pin sleeve from Carol also – I love it! You sure got some great goodies – those socks look they will keep your feet toasty.


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