17 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts & Decorating Ideas

St. Patrick's Day Round Up

Get ready for St. Patricks Day with these awesome decorating ideas!

I looked high and low to find the perfect collection of St. Patricks Day Crafts & decor for your home

These Mason Jars are beautiful! 

Shamrock Door Decor

This wreath is for sale on Etsy, but you can make your own by cutting floral foam into a shamrock shape and gluing on moss.

These wild clover in pots is such a great way to decorate for St. Patricks Day!

These hurricanes are gorgeous! Spray paint rocks and add candles, done!

Love this “Feeling Lucky?” frame!

These throw pillows are for sale, but you could totally stencil your own.

Love these frames!

These blocks with newspaper shamrocks are adorable!

Stacked Wood Leprechaun Hat!

Painted Burlap Banner, an easy DIY!

Shamrock Yard Decor! 

Reclaimed Wood Printable.

More mason Jar Love!

I just LOVE Mason Jars! 

Love this banner, there is two in this link actually and both are awesome!

A Gorgeous Topiary!

LUCK door or wall hanger.

Hope you enjoyed all the decorating ideas!

St. Patrick's Day Quote

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Valentines For Kids

Valentines Day is coming!

I am sure that you already have a list of the classmate’s names for the Valentines swap; if you don’t have it already not to worry it is coming!

A little story……..

When I was about 6 and in the 1st grade, Valentines lists went home and all the kids including myself filled out Valentines for our classmates. Well when I got to school the day of the swap, we all handed out our valentines to each other…..well everyone except me………I did not get one single valentine!! My name somehow didn’t make it on the list! My Mom didn’t think anything of it when we were using the list and my name wasn’t on it because she figured it was left off of my list because I wouldn’t need to fill one out for myself. I was devastated, I remember running to the car when My Mom picked me up crying and telling her what happened. Mom quickly sprang into action and took me on a shopping spree for all things Valentines Day! My Mom as usual saved the day and fixed her Daughters broken heart! Moms just the best at doing that sort of thing! It was truly a day I will never forget!

So, let us not forget any kids names and make Valentines Day special for all the classmates!


When I get the list the first thing I do is go to Pinterest and look for ideas. I mean really is there any other spot to go look for ideas? Pinterest is amazing, although it can be overwhelming at times, information and idea overload……and I swear, I just logged in like 5 mins ago…….45 mins ago oops lol!!

So, I thought I would cut your  time spent on Pinterest and compile a list of a few of my favorite ideas I found on Pinterest! I made a board dedicated to Valentines For School!

Click the link HERE

Thanks For Stopping By! =)

What I Have I Been Doing?

Hello All,
I wanted to check in and see how everyone has been and share some things!
Well to start we got notice that we have to move…
this came as quite a surprise, but like it or not it is what it is.
I hate moving and packing and finding a place etc..
I am however excited because I will be moving closer to my family
and my booth and local to all shopping needs also. 
We are currently 30+ min from all of those things now 
which creates some issues some days!
Anyway, the booth is doing great and I love having it!
It gives me a reason to hunt for goodies to fill it up and a reason to make things also!
Tomorrow I will be moving from one space in the shop to another bigger space,
I wanted more floor space and the current spot I am in doesn’t off that.
I will be sure to share lots of pics when I am done!
I have been doing a little creating lately I am not really big
on Valentines and Easter crafting, but I have made a couple things!

We also got a puppy he is half lab half husky!
We named his Raja and he is just adorable!
Well having him inspired me to make a few things,
I made him a leash hanger as we seem to keep losing the leash!
Then I took and old blanket and made him a dog bed, he seems to like it!

So, those are a few things I have made recently!
I listed them on Etsy and I also made some bunnies for the booth!
I hope your all enjoying the new year!
~ Janice

Advice & A Creating Addiction!

Hi I am Janice, and I am a crafting addict!
Except I don’t want any treatment LOL!!
I have been crafting like CRAZY the last few weeks.
I am trying to get my booth all filled up
and ready for Fall/Halloween.
That way I can give myself
plenty of time for Christmas creating!
I know it seems kind of far off, but it will be here before we know it!!
Here is some of the goodies I have been making:
 These pumpkins are made from 1×3’s
These pumpkins are made from 2×4’s
Americana Star Stack
A rug I painted

These are just a few of the things I have brought to the booth.
I am going there on Wed. to do some
rearranging and tweaking and some decorating
for fall hopefully it will come out good!
I will be sure to share pics!
I still have a TON of unfinished stuff I need to get working on
Here is a picture of some of my stash
Lots n Lots of Trash To Treasure Stuff!
I sometimes wish I had a partner who was willing to help.
It is hard to find someone who is willing to give a hand.
I have actually been looking into opening my own shop!
My Mother mentioned it to me the other day
and offered her help, financially and physically!!
How can I turn that down???
So, I have been writing up a business plan and
looking into ideas and options.
I don’t want to just jump into something like that it is a
BIG step, and I don’t want to mess it up!
I want to do something similar to renting space to
other crafters and maybe antique dealers.
Charging a monthly fee, no consignments.
Anyone Have Any Ideas or Suggestions?
Maybe some real life experience you can share?
The do’s and don’ts?
I would love to hear it all…
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!
Thank You

Creations I Made and Some Swaps!

Hello Friends!
I had a VERY good and busy weekend!
I made a headboard for my bed
I took step by step pictures and will make a tutorial soon!
I also made a throw pillow for the bed
and a wreath to hang off the headboard!
I also made, a framed poem and a painted tray!
I got the idea for the tray from a blog
I visited the other day!
I also got some swaps in the mail today!!
I LOVE getting packages filled with goodies!
The first was a swap we did at PAFA
it was so much fun! I had Karen over at
Karen sent me some AWESOME goodies!
I loved ALL of it! Thank You Karen!!

I will take pictures of where I put all my goodies
I will post those later!
My Happiness Swap came today too!
We do a monthly happiness swap at
Prim Pals Forum and I joined
this past month and this is what I got!
My partner was Leisha from
Leisha sent me the cutest flower
arrangement with a prim bunny in it!
She also sen tme some prim fabric
and some prim tags!
Thank you Leisha!
I loved it all! =)
Ok, one more thing! I made a treasury on
Etsy today! I did a PAFA Egg Hunt!
Go take a look how many versions of
eggs I found, such cute ideas!

I love spring and especially spring

primitives! Go PAFA!
Hope you all had a great weekend too!
Happy Monday All!

My Finished Hutch Bottom and A New Selling Blog!

Here is the bottom of my hutch all finished!!
I didn’t go with punched tin, none of the pieces came in the size I needed!
I went with brushed bronze handles and what I believe is a type of radiator cover for the doors!
It is aluminum and is a matte black! I really like the way it turned out!

I also wanted to share with you a blog that is a very good friend of mine!
My friend Deb has just re-vamped her selling blog!!
Deb makes some pretty amazing things!!
Please go and see her blog and tell me what you think!!

Goat Creek Mercantile
When your there make sure you become a follower,
there is a lot more she will be adding soon!
On another note, I have been working on a few things myself!

Some Primitive Easter Eggs

A Primitive Pear Painted In Cast Iron Frying Pan

I am working on a few more things will post when they are done!
I hope you all had a great weekend!
((HUGS)) ~ Jan

Primitive Halloween

Sorry I haven’t kept up with my postings I promise to do so! I am going to add some freebies and recipes and crafts tips and ideas! All are in the works right now! I am also working on making a news letter as well! Oh My, how the summer has flown by!! The boys go back to school in one week YIPPEE!! This means fall and Halloween crafting for me and starting on Christmas, Another YIPPEE!!! This is my favorite time of year,the smell of the air the cool nights the colors especially living in New England!! Here are some of the new items I have made for Halloween and Fall!