DIY Rustic Bunny Sign


Rustic Bunny Sign

A quick DIY to make this adorable Rustic Bunny Sign!

Spring is here!

Well, I think at least it is supposed to be anyway, maybe soon the weather will reflect that.

In the meantime, while I have been trapped in the house doing my usual browsing of Pinterest,

I found this cute pin of a rustic bunny on a salvaged wood.


I loved it so much I wanted to recreate it.

Supplies Needed:

Wood Sign

Dark Stain

White Paint


Printed Pattern

Drill & Bit


I found this at Walmart for $5.00!! Win!

If your Walmart doesn’t have them or you live far from one here is the link to order online!

It came with a hanger on the back for using it width wise, I planned on using it vertically so I took off the hanger.

Dark Walnut Stained

My first step was to stain it, I used Dark Walnut stain by Rustoleum.

While it was drying I printed out the pattern I wanted to use from here!

I then traced out the pattern with chalk and drew it slightly bigger than what it was.


Once it was traced out I painted him with 2 coats of white paint.

Then I took burlap and wound it up into a rosette for his tail.

I used instructions from a YouTube video to wind up the tail.

Rustic Bunny Sign

I drilled two holes in the top and added a hanger from twine.

BAM, you have a totally adorable sign!

Can we just do away with Daylight Saving Time already??

Can we just do away with Daylight Saving Time Already!?

Monday Daylight Saving

Ready or not we are springing ahead Sunday, March 12, 2017, at 2 am!

Which is great news!

Fortunately, this is the good half of this whole DST thing. We are springing ahead which is where we should just leave the clocks,  For. Like. Ever! I dread November coming and having to change the clocks back….I just love having it dark at 4:00 in the afternoon……..said no one ever.

My sleep schedule goes all whacky and my kids’ sleep schedule also goes all crazy. It is light early in the morning and dark earlier in the evening, or it is dark out early in the morning and light out later in the evening. It is so confusing that people don’t even say it correctly, they call it “Daylight Savings” when it is actually “Daylight Saving” no “s” on the end.

I say who cares! I don’t know why we can’t just let our sun and moon decide this on its own, ya know like it has been for billions of years!?

I have tried REALLY hard to do some research that would help me understand why we are putting ourselves through this twice a year…AND I have come up with nothing! We do this for nothing!

We do this for nothing!

I have yet to find some useful purpose for this clock changing business; it hasn’t served a purpose for decades. There is a host of information on why we do it and the history of DST, which all pertains to things that mattered decades ago. There is equally as many articles and research on the fact that it just doesn’t matter anymore. We can change the clocks tomorrow and just leave them, and nothing would change or be lost due to not changing. We probably wouldn’t even notice a difference until November when it didn’t get dark at 4 pm, I mean that would be horrible wouldn’t it….

HAHA NO, it would be awesome!

No matter what end of this clock changing business we are on it stinks!

Can we just stop messing with the clocks already??

How do you feel about Daylight Saving Time?

 Do you think it is useful?

Does it affect your sleep or your kids’ sleep?

How does it affect you?

New Year’s Resolution, Word Of The Year 2013

New Year’s Resolutions…’s just too easy to set unrealistic goals and expectations and never meet them. We expect that by giving our unmet expectations and goals a new name…..Resolutions……we somehow think that they’ll miraculously be accomplished. How many people make New Year’s resolutions only to forget about them by March, or even sooner. Instead of writing a list of resolutions this year,  I have chose a word of the year and it is ” PROGRESS”!  This year, I just want to see progress… move forward, to have a steady improvement in my life. I may not get to my whole list of things I want to accomplish, but I will make progress in all areas I can.  I have lots of things I want to change and improve..  I am going to be realistic in knowing that I will not be able to accomplish them all..LIFE happens and we have to change routines and commit to other things and we can not always balance everything…..but I can attempt to change the things I can and do the things I want to do, and be the person I want to be… one step at a time, in a slow and steady PROGRESS!

Quotes And Creations

Good Morning!

I have been busy looking for a place to live,
and doing a little creating! They seem to take up most of my days!

I LOVE quotes and funny little pictures,
so I thought I would share a few!
Most are from Pinterest (of course) &
a few are from other places on the net!


All are true and some just for fun!

I have been doing a little crafting, here
are some things I have made!

Fabric Covered Box w Stencil Design On Top

Hand Painted Box w Old Label 

I made a bunch more of these little peat pots,
I had an order for ones with different sayings on them.

They came out cute! I hope she likes them! =)

Well until next time, Enjoy your Sunday!

My New Booth!!

Hello All,
I went today and moved my booth like I had said!
It came out GREAT and I LOVE my new space!!
I am excited!
I still have lots of tweaking to do and decorating, but today was just moving day!
I can not wait to really get in there and make it look Prim Perfect!
Here are some pics:

It was a decent space, but no room for big items and
not a lot of width to it.


LOVE IT!! Lots of space and a nice rustic look to work with!

Anyone else have a booth? Anyone have any advice for mine?
I am looking for ideas and critique for improving my space,
or things you do in yours etc… I love advice, bring it on!!

((Hugs)) ~ Jan

Goodbye 2011

As we say goodbye to another year, there is always 
those moments that we will remember.
I was looking around online and seeing all  2011 year in reviews, 
and was thinking of how much has happened just in 2011! 

Here is a recap of some of 2011:
1: Oprah Left daytime television
2: All My Children ends
3: The Harry Potter series come to an end
4: NASA flew it’s last space shuttle mission
5: We have left Iraq
6:  Occupy Wall Street began
7: Steve Jobs passed away
8: The Royal Wedding
9: Japan Earthquake & Tsunami
10: Osama bin Laden found and killed

Some of the things that have happened this year have changed 
television and technology and even our world forever!
2011 has had its ups and downs but,
what an amazing year 2011 has been!

The new year always brings a fresh start and a new outlook for me,
I don’t make resolutions but I do hope for good health and happiness!
I hope that for all my friends and family as well!
 ~ Jan

Hello Out There…..

Hello…I miss all of you!!
It has been so long since I have written. Summer is just flying by,
actually this whole year has!!
I have been busy with the kids and school and swaps etc..
I also listed a whole bunch of new stuff
in My Etsy Shop! Fall and Christmas Items!
I hope you all are having a great 4th weekend and
to all my Canadian Friends Happy Canada Day!
I am having a yard/craft sale I hope to sell lots!!
Today, I had a great surprise a friend of mine stopped by,
you may know here as well…
came all the way from Canada to New Hampshire
to see me…and sight see and shop!
I just like to think she came here just for me =)
We had a great visit, and will be getting together again in October!
(Aren’t we cute?!?! lol)
I am soo looking forward to that visit!
Holli is such a great friend, Thank You for Visiting Me!
Well have a great weekend all!

Ending Our Elementary Years……

  My oldest son Zachary will be graduating 8th grade on June 22nd (OMG)
High school is just a few months away………
I am full of all sorts of strange emotions, he is growing up so fast.
(Where does the time go…..)
He is 14 going on 40 I swear. He has turned into an amazing young man.
(I don’t say this because he is mine
He just truly is….since the day he was born.
He slept through the night from day one,walked at 9 months and
potty trained by 2! He was just the best baby never cried or whined
always happy and smiling. I could and did take him anywhere and everywhere.
He has signed up to do an internship this summer at a very reputable equine clinic
and got the position. He rides his horses nearly everyday and does shows and
competitions and just loves anything that has to do with horses.
Yesterday he went to Boston, Massachusetts for his class trip.
They went on the DUCK Tour , which sounds AWESOME!!
Then his group went to the New England Aquarium and
Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and some shopping.
After, the whole grade met again and went to see Blue Man Group!!
Then dinner at Fire & Ice and dessert in the North End Boston!
What a lucky little guy he is was!! He said he had a great time!!
He said Blue Man Group was AMAZING, and that dinner was cool.
All in all he a a fantastic day!! What a great way to end the year!
I also am happy to announce I also graduate this month,
I will have my Associates Degree in Business Management!
One long road finally coming to an end,
we will be having a party to celebrate both graduations!!
I hope you all are having a great spring/summer so far =)

I Love My Mail Lady and Other Stuff!

Hello Friends!! I hope everyone is having a good summer so far!
I am, we are working on getting our pool up and working.
We have been doing lots of yard work and painting and cleaning.
Winter takes such a toll on everything….and we didn’t really have a
spring here it was cold an rainy so we had limited time outside.
I also have received some treasures in the mail!! I soo love that mail lady!!
First one was from Traci at York Mountain Primitives
I won her giveaway! It was this cute little prairie stump doll!
I love it! I have her in my kitchen in my cranberry rake!
Then a few weeks ago I was blog surfing and saw
the cutest beeskep Jeans Blog  Prim Crafts that she had made.
We talked and decided to do a swap.
I sent her a cutting board that I had painted and she sent me:
Oooh I love it!!
Thank you so much Jean!!
Well, I am off this morning to figure out why my pool is all cloudy…
it is supposed to be 95+ degrees today!!!
Why does the pool have to be temperamental today!!
Hope you all have a great day!

Awesome Giveaway From Tonya!

My Primitive Creations By Tonya
is having a great giveaway!!
I have been watching her stuff on eBay sell like crazy
for years!! Wishing I had the money to buy!!
We now all have a chance to win her goodies!!
Tonya makes some awesome primitive gatherings and
offering a chance at winning one of them,
with a fun guessing game!!
This ends tomorrow May 25th
(My Moms Birthday!!)
Go Here!