Valentines For Kids

Valentines Day is coming!

I am sure that you already have a list of the classmate’s names for the Valentines swap; if you don’t have it already not to worry it is coming!

A little story……..

When I was about 6 and in the 1st grade, Valentines lists went home and all the kids including myself filled out Valentines for our classmates. Well when I got to school the day of the swap, we all handed out our valentines to each other…..well everyone except me………I did not get one single valentine!! My name somehow didn’t make it on the list! My Mom didn’t think anything of it when we were using the list and my name wasn’t on it because she figured it was left off of my list because I wouldn’t need to fill one out for myself. I was devastated, I remember running to the car when My Mom picked me up crying and telling her what happened. Mom quickly sprang into action and took me on a shopping spree for all things Valentines Day! My Mom as usual saved the day and fixed her Daughters broken heart! Moms just the best at doing that sort of thing! It was truly a day I will never forget!

So, let us not forget any kids names and make Valentines Day special for all the classmates!


When I get the list the first thing I do is go to Pinterest and look for ideas. I mean really is there any other spot to go look for ideas? Pinterest is amazing, although it can be overwhelming at times, information and idea overload……and I swear, I just logged in like 5 mins ago…….45 mins ago oops lol!!

So, I thought I would cut your  time spent on Pinterest and compile a list of a few of my favorite ideas I found on Pinterest! I made a board dedicated to Valentines For School!

Click the link HERE

Thanks For Stopping By! =)

Valentines Creations

Hello Blog Land!

I wanted to share some of my newest creations!
I did a couple of Valentines Creations:

Valentines Game Board-w- Scrabble Letters

Valentines Hanging Heart

I have more to come, and I ordered some supplies
today for more things I want to create!!
Now, its just waiting on the mail!

I also found a new Blog today that offers wonderful
link parties!

So if you have a shop or a blog stop by become a follower and link up!

Link parties are a great way to get exposure to your shop or blogs
it is also a great way to find new blogs and share ideas!
So come join the fun!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful night!


Valentines Day On Pinterest

Hello Blogging Buddies!
As many of you know I am addicted to Pinterest
I love love that site it has a little of EVERYTHING!!
^ Very True!
So, since Valentines Day is coming,
I thought I would share some of the Pinterest Valentines Day
goodies I have found! 
Love these ornies
Beautiful Hearts

Love this tag!

Simple Yet Perfect!


Scrabble Tiles, Love it!!

Burlap Pillows Are My Fav!


What a great idea!!

All these can be found on my Pinterest Valentines Page!

If you aren’t already on Pinterest you should be!!
Come join the fun!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Valentines Swap Goodies

We did a swap over at Prim Pals Forum for Valentines Day
My Partner was Holli from
I must say Holli is the BEST swap partner EVER!
I have had an awful week as some of you know,
earlier in the week I go into a car accident.
Then on Friday (of course no dentist until Monday!!) 
I started getting a toothache and now,
on Monday I have to have the tooth pulled!! UGH!
What a bad bad week!!
Anyway, I got this package and it made
me sooo happy!!
Oh Ya look at all those goodies!!

Oh and that bear Oh My He is SOO cute!!
Oh Yes and Look Ladies, Holli Found Him!!
Except it is to bad for you all because he is mine now!! lol
I mean who would give him up? Seriously?!?
Thank You Holli!! Your the best!
~ Jan
Watch tomorrow for Monday Marketplace Featuring an OFG Member!!