DIY Rustic Bunny Sign


Rustic Bunny Sign

A quick DIY to make this adorable Rustic Bunny Sign!

Spring is here!

Well, I think at least it is supposed to be anyway, maybe soon the weather will reflect that.

In the meantime, while I have been trapped in the house doing my usual browsing of Pinterest,

I found this cute pin of a rustic bunny on a salvaged wood.


I loved it so much I wanted to recreate it.

Supplies Needed:

Wood Sign

Dark Stain

White Paint


Printed Pattern

Drill & Bit


I found this at Walmart for $5.00!! Win!

If your Walmart doesn’t have them or you live far from one here is the link to order online!

It came with a hanger on the back for using it width wise, I planned on using it vertically so I took off the hanger.

Dark Walnut Stained

My first step was to stain it, I used Dark Walnut stain by Rustoleum.

While it was drying I printed out the pattern I wanted to use from here!

I then traced out the pattern with chalk and drew it slightly bigger than what it was.


Once it was traced out I painted him with 2 coats of white paint.

Then I took burlap and wound it up into a rosette for his tail.

I used instructions from a YouTube video to wind up the tail.

Rustic Bunny Sign

I drilled two holes in the top and added a hanger from twine.

BAM, you have a totally adorable sign!

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