Help Name Me!

This is my new kitty! He is 8 weeks old!
He has NO NAME!!
I would love if my blogging friends can help me pick a name!
We have 2 cats already, Chuck and Leah!
We would like to not have such a plain jane name for him!
I am willing to offer a prize to the person who chooses the name!
Please Help Us!!

31 thoughts on “Help Name Me!

  1. Oh he's sooo cute! I'm no good @ names but he looks like a Oswald or Julius to me…not sure if that helps @ all -I'm sure whatever you decide on it'll be perfect…He's such a cutie!

  2. How about Tucker? He looks so tuckered out in that first picture. Or how about Butterscotch, his color reminds me of butterscotch pudding. Or how about Pumpkin…again the color…Or Nutmeg….or Cinnamon…or Noodles? Ok, I think I'm all out for now.


  3. I love little fur babies and he looks like such a cutie. He reminds me of a little 'Oliver' or maybe a 'Jake'… He could be my Tabitha's little brother. lol


  4. Oh, he is such a cutie….he looks just like my cat that we had put down not long ago. He was a rescue kitty & we enjoyed him so much. His name was Sandy Mandy….named by my 2 kids…lol!!! ENJOY

  5. What a sweetie Janice! The first thing that came to mind was butterscotch. What about Werther, as in Werther's Original?
    He is the cutest thing!!! Can't wait to hear what you name him.

  6. Too cute Janice, lucky you to have a new fur baby! In the one picture he looks like he is about to get into all kinds of trouble, so maybe Hobbes (as in Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, Hobbes is the tiger!) or Gingersnap (for his colour), you could call him Gingey or Snapper! Whatever you call him, he is adorable! Deb

  7. Oh my goodness, what a cutie pie! I have 3 cats and one is only 10 months old, all black. They grow up so fast! I love the name Jasper or Felix!

  8. Oh my goodness, naming a new lil kitty is so much fun! Funny how sometimes when you name them they just seem to grow into their names! Hmmmmm…..the ones that popped into my head were: Dickens, Otis and Orville (as in Orville Redinbacher popcorn LOL) He is just so sweet!!!

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