I Love My Mail Lady and Other Stuff!

Hello Friends!! I hope everyone is having a good summer so far!
I am, we are working on getting our pool up and working.
We have been doing lots of yard work and painting and cleaning.
Winter takes such a toll on everything….and we didn’t really have a
spring here it was cold an rainy so we had limited time outside.
I also have received some treasures in the mail!! I soo love that mail lady!!
First one was from Traci at York Mountain Primitives
I won her giveaway! It was this cute little prairie stump doll!
I love it! I have her in my kitchen in my cranberry rake!
Then a few weeks ago I was blog surfing and saw
the cutest beeskep Jeans Blog  Prim Crafts that she had made.
We talked and decided to do a swap.
I sent her a cutting board that I had painted and she sent me:
Oooh I love it!!
Thank you so much Jean!!
Well, I am off this morning to figure out why my pool is all cloudy…
it is supposed to be 95+ degrees today!!!
Why does the pool have to be temperamental today!!
Hope you all have a great day!

6 thoughts on “I Love My Mail Lady and Other Stuff!

  1. What great goodies! We have been having issues with the pool here too. Its looking much better today and I plan on jumping in this afternoon. We are suppose to hit 96 today…. cooler than the 100 or yesterday… either way it is still HOT!!

    Debbie K

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