What I Have I Been Doing?

Hello All,
I wanted to check in and see how everyone has been and share some things!
Well to start we got notice that we have to move…
this came as quite a surprise, but like it or not it is what it is.
I hate moving and packing and finding a place etc..
I am however excited because I will be moving closer to my family
and my booth and local to all shopping needs also. 
We are currently 30+ min from all of those things now 
which creates some issues some days!
Anyway, the booth is doing great and I love having it!
It gives me a reason to hunt for goodies to fill it up and a reason to make things also!
Tomorrow I will be moving from one space in the shop to another bigger space,
I wanted more floor space and the current spot I am in doesn’t off that.
I will be sure to share lots of pics when I am done!
I have been doing a little creating lately I am not really big
on Valentines and Easter crafting, but I have made a couple things!

We also got a puppy he is half lab half husky!
We named his Raja and he is just adorable!
Well having him inspired me to make a few things,
I made him a leash hanger as we seem to keep losing the leash!
Then I took and old blanket and made him a dog bed, he seems to like it!

So, those are a few things I have made recently!
I listed them on Etsy and I also made some bunnies for the booth!
I hope your all enjoying the new year!
~ Janice

Goodbye 2011

As we say goodbye to another year, there is always 
those moments that we will remember.
I was looking around online and seeing all  2011 year in reviews, 
and was thinking of how much has happened just in 2011! 

Here is a recap of some of 2011:
1: Oprah Left daytime television
2: All My Children ends
3: The Harry Potter series come to an end
4: NASA flew it’s last space shuttle mission
5: We have left Iraq
6:  Occupy Wall Street began
7: Steve Jobs passed away
8: The Royal Wedding
9: Japan Earthquake & Tsunami
10: Osama bin Laden found and killed

Some of the things that have happened this year have changed 
television and technology and even our world forever!
2011 has had its ups and downs but,
what an amazing year 2011 has been!

The new year always brings a fresh start and a new outlook for me,
I don’t make resolutions but I do hope for good health and happiness!
I hope that for all my friends and family as well!
 ~ Jan

A Shop Tour!

Four Corners Antique Shop Tour!
This is the shop in New hampshire where I have my booth,
I thought I would give a tour!
If your in the area of NH, you should stop by:
Open House Today and Tomorrow!
This shop is GREAT and full of wonderful goodies!!

Hope you enjoyed your tour!! =)
Sorry About The Picture Quality, my camera broke so I am using my phone!

Orange Pumpkins Are So Last Year!!

White Pumpkins Are Where It Is At!!
Here are some 2×4 white pumpkins I made!

Here is a little history of the white pumpkin!
Here in New England, white pumpkins, once a novelty, are becoming increasingly common, and these intriguing white orbs are all the rage when it comes to chic autumn decorating.
These albinos with natural white skin have been bred by pumpkin growers, and seeds for specific varieties, such as Lumina, Cotton Candy or miniature Baby Boo, can be purchased and planted. Gardening shops online, for example, have Lumina white pumpkin seeds available for online ordering. White pumpkins must be planted after the risk of frost has passed, and they take about 90 days to grow.
So, what can you do with a white pumpkin? They’re great for carving and even better for painting. They provide great contrast in fall gourd and pumpkin displays. They’re elegant unadorned as a table centerpiece, as you’ll see in this Martha Stewart Living photo from 2003: She’s always ahead of the curve! Monogrammed white pumpkins are even being used as wedding decorations.
White pumpkin can also be substituted for orange pumpkin in many recipes, whether you’re baking pumpkin pie or concocting a pumpkin soup. The texture and taste of the Lumina variety is excellent for baking. Try using a hollowed out white pumpkin as an attractive serving tureen.
I can’t wait to carve my first white pumpkin jack-o’-lantern.
Then again, I’m also thinking a white pumpkin tied with a red velvet ribbon and positioned atop evergreen boughs would make a lovely holiday season decoration.
I just can’t get enough of these pumpkins, I just love them!
White Pumpkins Are Also Known As:
albino pumpkin, ghost pumpkin,
Snowball, Casper, Lumina, Baby Boo, Cotton Candy Pumpkin

I also created a treasury tonight showing all handmade white pumpkins!
Click The Link Below To See The Creations!
They Are Awesome!
Well its time for me to get creating! Night All!

Fall Decorating

Hiya All!!
I am Janice and I am addicted to Pinterest!! There I said it…
I don’t know if you have been to this site by OH MY, it is AMAZING!!
I get on there and time just seems to ZOOOOM by! I know it is crazy right?
I have gotten many many ideas from there and have pinned & pinned so many pictures!
So, I thought I would share some of my favorite fall/halloween ideas from Pinterest with you!
 Pumpkin Snowman!!
 Beautiful! Perfect Lighting!
 Soo, wish I had a wagon!
Very cute idea!

Love this costume!

So cute, yet so easy!


Simple but awesome!

Love this chair!

I am totally into the whole white pumpkin thing!


Banner Love!! Wish I had a fireplace!

I think I may be doing this for my son this year!
He would look so cute dressed like this!

Decorating Jars!! Love!!

Tomato Cage, how cute!

White Pumpkin Again!!
Love The Ideas!!
You can find all the links and sources on my Pinterest at:
You can also follow me on Pinterest by signing up
and looking for me here:
Come join the fun and see the ideas!

It is VERY addicting and can consume MANY hours of your days!!
Hope to see you there!

=) ~Jan

Helllooo Out There!!

Hello Everyone!!
Has it really been a month since I have blogged??
Ugh, I am so bad!
I have been so busy I have just had no time for anything!
As you know I have rented a booth and have been
creating like a mad woman trying to get it filled up!!
I really enjoy having a place to bring my stuff and sell it.
I love selling online too, but I get
frustrated with picture taking
and shipping and packaging etc.
I still have my Etsy shop and plan
on keeping it stocked especially for the holidays!
Today I am starting a sale on my Etsy shop 10% off
everything in my shop Oct 1st- 31st.
I added a few new items recently too.
Spooky 2×4 Trio
Love love white pumpkins!!
Pumpkin & Ghost Clothes Pin Magnets!
Halloween Chenille Ornies!
So there you have  a few things I have added for sale,
and more to come!!
Ok, enough business stuff because it can get boring lol!!
I have been busy painting in my house I re-did my hallway and office area.
I re-did a really nice table, which came out AWESOME!! If I do say so myself!!
I will be sharing pictures of all of that soon!!
Hubby is home this week, he is fixing my hot mess of a car,
from when I got in an accident in January!
Ya 10 months ago and it still isn’t fixed!! Money is tight and so is time.
My car is at his parents house which is an hour drive
from home so getting there has been an issue.
I am hoping it will be back and running SOON!!
I hate not having my car, I am driving our truck
now but it is AWFUL!! I like cars and with gas prices,
I REALLY like cars!!
I hope you all enjoy your Saturday!! I will be posting again soon!
I will be sharing my decorating re-do’s!!
*Hugs* ~ Jan

Advice & A Creating Addiction!

Hi I am Janice, and I am a crafting addict!
Except I don’t want any treatment LOL!!
I have been crafting like CRAZY the last few weeks.
I am trying to get my booth all filled up
and ready for Fall/Halloween.
That way I can give myself
plenty of time for Christmas creating!
I know it seems kind of far off, but it will be here before we know it!!
Here is some of the goodies I have been making:
 These pumpkins are made from 1×3’s
These pumpkins are made from 2×4’s
Americana Star Stack
A rug I painted

These are just a few of the things I have brought to the booth.
I am going there on Wed. to do some
rearranging and tweaking and some decorating
for fall hopefully it will come out good!
I will be sure to share pics!
I still have a TON of unfinished stuff I need to get working on
Here is a picture of some of my stash
Lots n Lots of Trash To Treasure Stuff!
I sometimes wish I had a partner who was willing to help.
It is hard to find someone who is willing to give a hand.
I have actually been looking into opening my own shop!
My Mother mentioned it to me the other day
and offered her help, financially and physically!!
How can I turn that down???
So, I have been writing up a business plan and
looking into ideas and options.
I don’t want to just jump into something like that it is a
BIG step, and I don’t want to mess it up!
I want to do something similar to renting space to
other crafters and maybe antique dealers.
Charging a monthly fee, no consignments.
Anyone Have Any Ideas or Suggestions?
Maybe some real life experience you can share?
The do’s and don’ts?
I would love to hear it all…
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!
Thank You

A Booth Rental, A Swap and A CAW Project!

Good Morning Blogger Friends!!
Hope everyone is doing well!!
I have been busy busy busy!!
I rented a space at a local Antique Shop to sell my handmades!
I am going tomorrow to fill it up, I hope I have enough stuff made…it is a large space.
I also got a great spot in the store too, its right when you first walk in the door!!
I will be taking pictures of it tomorrow when I go and I will share them.
I recently participated in another swap at Prim Pals Forum
It was a Thrifty Kind Of Gal swap, we had to swap items from
thrift stores or yard sales etc..What a fun swap!
My partner was Lil’ Raggedy Angie Yay!!
I am so excited, just look at what she sent me!!
I loved it all!! Angie is such a sweetie! Thank You So Much Angie!
The girls from Prim Pals Forum are doing a neat project called
Create A Witch
One of our members Kookie created this witch body
Mary Goodwart is her name!
Then we all signed up to have a chance to add something to her, secretly
that is. We all would do what we wanted to her and then take a teaser picture
and post that picture on the forum! That is the fun part LOL!!
Kookie sent her out to her first artist which was Lora
Here is Lora’s teaser picture:
Then she came to me!!
Here is my teaser picture:
Again ????
Isn’t this fun!!
We all are having so much fun trying to figure out what the others
have done!! No one will see a full picture until she is finished making her travels.
Her travels will end where she started back at Kookies house!
We are sooo excited to see what she will look like!!
Keep checking back as I post more on her journey!
Happy Flying Mary Goodwart!
Well I hope you all have a great day!!
Thank You For Reading!

I Found My Motivation……

Hello Friends!
I have so much to share today!!
I have been working on Fall and Halloween items (In July lol it seems so weird)
I have been having fun though, so that is all that matters!
Here are some of the goodies:
Kaleb Kitty
Bed Spring Pumpkins
Painted Pumpkin
Susan Bird Design
Halloween Skate
Trick Or Treat Sign
I have lots more in the works,
I will share those when they are complete!
I also participated in a swap over at Prim Pals Forum
and I received the nicest stuff from my partner
Thank You Lora!!
We also have the C.A.W. project going on….what is C.A.W. you ask?
Well it is “Create A Witch” one of our wonderful members Kookie
created a witch body, and we are sending around this witch body to our members
each member adds an item to the witch and takes a photo of just the part they did.
A small picture at that. No one will see her complete until she gets back to Kookie who
will then photograph her as a whole and post her picture. Once she reaches Kookie we will be
doing some sort of giveaway to win her! We have named her Mary Goodwart, and she arrived at my house
the other day! I will do my part to her, sign her and send her on her way!
I am so excited!
I also wanted to brag a minute about my friend Deb!
Deb makes the cutest things and her talent is amazing!
Today she has listed some of her newest items in her Etsy Shop
Here are some of her items:
Look at the colors!! OMG I am in love!
I think this one is my fav!
LOL~ Adorable!!
Yes yes!!
Aren’t they all just so AWESOME??!!
Go check out her shop!!
Well Happy Friday All!! Hope you have a great weekend!