We are ruining our kids lives! Not really, but they think so!

Attention Parents:

We are trying to ruin our kids’ lives!!

Bedtime, Shower Time, Getting Up in the Morning, Leaving for School, Homework, Dinner, same routines every day these routines are the very reason we are ruining our kids’ lives!!

Just ask them!

Why do kids act like these things are surprises set up by parents to ruin their lives?!?!

They are not!

They are simple everyday routines they have been doing damn near their whole lives!! Believe me fighting with you to go to bed or take a shower is not ruining your life. However, not showering just may ruin your life! My child will not be the stinky kid in class!

Getting up in the morning:

 “Omg I don’t want to get up it’s so early!”

“Yes, you have to get up, you have school! This is why we send you to bed at 8 pm so you aren’t this tired in the morning!”

However, the fact that you got out of bed for every excuse in the book {that I swear you wrote!} and didn’t actually go to sleep until 9:30, is the reason that this getting up so early thing sucks for you!

Leaving for school:

“Omg, I have to go to school?!”

“Yes, absolutely! Just like you have been doing for the last 4 years, and suck it up buttercup because you have many more years ahead of you!”


“What I have to do my homework?”

“Yes, just like we do every day after school!”


“I’m not hungry” “I don’t like this, it’s disgusting!”

“You need to eat; you’re not leaving the table until you do!”


“Omg, I have to shower!!!”

“Yes, you have to shower, it is gross not to shower!”


“Omg it’s bedtime”

“Yes, it’s 8 o’clock, you have gone to bed at 8 o’clock since you were like I don’t know, born!”

No worries though kiddo, you’ll be up till roughly 9:30 or later because 8 o’clock is the time you need a snack {because at dinner you weren’t hungry and now you are}, drink and the bathroom 3 times! Oh, this is also the time you want to share your day and your thoughts on what you’ll do in Summer Camp 4 months from now!

All of these things we do EVERY DAY and they turn into fits and crying! Which I just don’t understand because never in the history of their lives has throwing a fit EVER got them out of doing any of these things! These things are not a surprise, they aren’t my way of ruining your life! I’m sure if I truly wanted to ruin your life, showering, school and bedtime wouldn’t be on that list!

All of this fighting and arguing about monotonous things like going to bed is seriously starting to make my life suck a lot, like a real lot!

So seriously, please just go to bed!


One Worn Out Parent


I’m not ruining your life because I want you to be smart, clean and healthy, I would deny you those things if I wanted to ruin your life!

Do you have this problem in your house? What do you do to help ease the stress of it?