Valentines DIY Boxes Tutorial

Valentines Day DIY Boxes

These DIY Heart boxes are super easy, super cute and super cheap!

 These would make a cute gift filled with goodies, or even a cute decoration!

You could do any shape boxes in any colors, they don’t even have to be stacking boxes.

You can use this for any paper mache box.


Acrylic Paint in Red, White, Pink

Set of 3 paper mache boxes, any shape will work


Sandpaper 150 grit

Paint the boxes with 2 coats of paint, one in each of the colors you choose.

Use the sandpaper to sand all edges of the boxes, you can sand the tops and sides to achieve the look you desire.

Take your twine and tie it in a bow around all 3 boxes.

How Cute Are These?!?! Super Simple!

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